Sleeping, part III: review, clarification, illustrations

by Sally Kingston

  1. Management would like to clarify the points made previously. Any location outside your room does not qualify as an appropriate sleeping location. Even if you bring your blankets:Graham sleeping in the hallwayNo. Just no.You have a perfectly good bed for sleeping in, on, or next to:

Graham's Empty Bed

    In fact, your carpet is unusually free of junk, and would also make a suitable location for sleeping.

    Your brother has been banished to the guest room.  Perhaps you would prefer his bed:

    Henry's Empty Bed
    Just get out of the hallway.

  2. Management did not realize there needed to be guidelines for sleep accessories when writing the guidelines for sleep clothing. Evidence has been provided to the contrary:
    Henry's Ring
  3. So here are the guidelines for sleep accessories:
    • No.
    • No.
    • Because you found it on the playground and that is gross.
    • Because it is hard and poke-y and you are going to wake up at 3 a.m. with it smushed into your eye, crying for help.
    • Because I will feel obligated to get out of my warm bed and take it away.
    • No.